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About Us

Hi, I'm James

I’m currently Ireland’s youngest person to hold an award from the Royal Horticultural Society. In 2013 I was one of only two Irish landscape designers to win awards from The Royal Horticultural Society. My award was a Silver Gilt Award for my garden entitled ‘Around The Corner’ at BBC Gardeners World Live in Birmingham. I am the only Irish person to win a Silver Gilt Award at BBC Gardeners World, and the only person to design and build gardens at Bloom and The Mallow Garden Festival in three consecutive years.

Our Services

From Idea to finished product we can help you create the ideal garden

Garden Design

About Your Garden works hand in hand with each of our clients to find the best solution for your outdoor space. This may involve a one hour consultation to point you in the right direction right up to planning applications for large commercial sites. Our belief is that good design looks at your lifestyle and tastes and strikes a balance between the natural and built environment. On a larger scale, we look at the requirements of the surrounding population and consider the needs of the wider society. The finished product will be a comfortable usable outdoor space to be enjoyed for years to come.


About Your Garden offers turnkey landscaping solutions. After completing a preliminary landscape design, you have the option to appoint About Your Garden as your landscape contractor. This allows you to have a landscape designer present on site throughout the construction process. When your garden is completed we guarantee our work for twelve months. We proactively monitor each project during this period to ensure that all work has been completed to the highest standard.

Hard Landscaping and Carpentry
The skeleton of the garden needs to be well designed and thought out. This includes the right position for the patio or deck in relation to your home, where it will get the most use and how many people it needs to cater for.

Soft Landscaping
From simple roll out lawn turf and grass seeding to planting that changes with the seasons to semi-mature trees. We look at your lifestyle the amount of time you have to spend working on your garden and come up with solutions that best suit your lifestyle

Water Features

We believe a water feature should either be a stand out part of the garden or a hidden treat you find by following its sound. Either way we love to design and install them!

Boutique Nursery

With our roots set in landscape contracting and design we can source and deliver larger than normal plant pots. Along with a delivery service within Kildare, Dublin and Meath. We also provide a planting service to set our plant pots and containers apart from the normal.

Synthetic Grass

Some people are horrified at the thought of synthetic grass in their garden. We started installing after seeing a client’s three sons playing football on it in while it was raining in December. This a great option where real grass cannot grow due to very heavy use or the person who wants to throw away their lawnmower.

Our Approach

Unique to You

Each of our projects are unique with different variables deciding on the outcome for you. There is no such thing as a blank canvas when it comes to creating outdoor spaces. We listen to you and look at your lifestyle, tastes and requirements. These are combined with the environment outside, site conditions and architecture. This allows us to strike a balance between the natural and built environment in order to create a comfortable, usable outdoor space.

Envionmentally Friendly

We relish the challenge of reimagining old materials already present in your garden. Where possible we reduce and reuse the materials on each of our projects. On one of projects in Leixlip we lifted two patios, redesigned them as one and relaid them in the same garden. We encourage wildflower planting as low maintenance landscape solutions. Where possible we reduce the amount of grass for mowing which in turns reduces emissions from your lawnmower.

Budget Conscious

Nine times out of ten we find that a client will be coy about their budget. When it comes to designing your garden life is much easier if you can give us your budget! From the outset we will discuss the cost of each element in your garden. We look consider how each element will add value to you, and always consider the real cost. We start with an initial estimate and from here here we revise the estimate to arrive a final quotation. Each quotation contains a 10% contingency to avoid any nasty surprises and very rarely comes into play.


Within three months of establishing About Your Garden James Comiskey had won his first major award at bloom. Within three years James became the only person to design and build garden at both bloom and the Mallow Garden Festival in three consecutive years. In 2013 James won a place in the Royal Horticultural Societies Garden competition ‘Metamorphosis A Design Journey’. This was a competition for four up and coming garden designers to build their designs at BBC Gardeners World Live in Birmingham. James went on to become the only Irish person ever to win a Silver Gilt Award from the RHS at BBC Gardeners World Live in that year. His latest award was a bronze award for his Back to Back Garden entitled Victoriana at The Royal Horticultural Societys Tatton Park Flower Show in Manchester.

What Our Clients Say

  • We recently hired About Your Garden to help us complete a landscaping design as part of our planning conditions. From the off they were incredibly insightful into what potentially could work best on our large area site, taking everything from our ideas, the surrounding environment, maintenance, views, wildlife etc into account. I was thoroughly impressed with the service and the ease at which we refined the design down to its final version. I’d have no hesitation in recommending their services and would in general really recommend hiring a landscaping expert like them if you were getting into developing/redeveloping your garden – its a really good investment..

  • James transformed our garden from bland walled-in grass to an urban sanctuary. He really took on board our needs and worked to maximise the output of our budget without compromising on quality and gained my full trust in doing so. I would wholeheartedly recommend James as he is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with from start to finish and still calls to keep an eye on how our garden is maturing

  • About Your Garden undertook a garden design for us recently. For years we had struggled with a substantial garden space ourselves. We wanted somewhere to grow fruit trees and vegetables and we had made a start ourselves. But it just never looked right. James listened to what we wanted and drew up a terrific design. Now we have a fantastic, functional and really beautiful garden which we could never have created on our own. James delivered what he promised and we are absolutely delighted with the results.

    James and Evelyn
  • James provided field support for WYG Environmental through his landscape business About Your Garden. He worked on site for and with WYG field technicians and scientists. James was flexible in the services he provided, from supporting WYG scientists during investigation and remedial works following oil spill events, to carrying out landscape reinstatement works. He was reliable and efficient and could be called upon to travel throughout Munster and beyond as a sub-contractor.

    Darragh Duggan
    White Young Green