Finlay Park Garden

About this project

We were engaged by this newly married couple in Naas to create their new garden. Emma had a clear picture of the elements she wanted to include in the garden but needed a landscape designer to bring these elements together. These elements included the handmade Moroccan tiles that clad the walls and porcelain paving. We took advantage of the rising level from the front to back of the garden by creating two different levels.

Bullnosed silver granite steps brings you from one level to the other. The granite is repeated in the patio and was used to cap the wall that divides the two levels. This capping not only prevents water from penetrating the walls and back of the tiles, it also functions as a bench. This allows the garden to cater for up to twenty people when family and friends come over to visit. The upper level of the garden is surrounded by Phyllostachys Aurea which will fill out to provide year-round privacy. The use of bamboos in any garden provides movement and sound, and before you ask; these bamboos were planted in a lined trench so there will be issue with spreading rhizomes.

Amelanchier Candensis provides almost year-round interest and do not get too big for this garden. They start off with a mass of white flowers in Spring followed by red berries as a food source for birds. Finally, in autumn the leaves turn from bright red to orange before they are shed. This garden also looks fantastic in our Irish winter. The skeleton of the Amelanchiers is picked up through their reflection on the wet porcelain tiles. With the leaves gone from the trees the handmade Moroccan tiles come into full view.



How the garden looked before


The results